bringing human trafficking to light

Why are we doing this?

1. To raise the level of awareness towards human trafficking.
We may not have a complete view of what human trafficking entails. Come September, we aim to highlight the various aspects of human trafficking and bring attention to the various challenges faced in combating human trafficking. We aim to learn and share what we learn with as many individuals as we can.

2. To build a volunteer bank
Many worthy organizations in Malaysia and across the region have dedicated individuals working tirelessly to combat human trafficking. Their needs are simple, yet critical. We want to highlight their needs and inspire individuals to donate their time and expertise to this cause.

3. To raise funds for our partners
Our partners (CAMSA & Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd) are civil society organizations who are in critical needs of funds. We aim to raise a healthy amount from donations and ticket sales to this event in support of these organizations.

Live Stream Programme & Agenda

6.00 - 6.10pm Speech by Shawn Clark, CEO, LexisNexis, Asia
6:10 - 7.10pm Panel Discussion + Q&A
7.10 - 7.25pm Call To Action
7.25pm End


Our aim is to learn what we share with as many individuals as we can.

Bringing Human Trafficking to Light will be available to you via Live Streaming from 6pm onwards on 8th September 2012. Click here to view.

We accept donations where proceeds will go to our partners, Coalition to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery in Asia and Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd.

To donate, e-mail us at and we will provide you with the details.

Connect with us online via facebook and twitter - don’t forget to use the hashtag: #LNxHT

About the Panel Discussion

Moderated by Daniel Lo from CAMSA, the panel will feature one speaker on each of the following topics:
1. Insights into sex trafficking
2. Understanding Labour Trafficking
3. An Analysis of the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report 2012

Our Partners:

CAMSACoalition To Abolish Modern-Day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA)
The Coalition To Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA) was formed in February of 2008 through the joint efforts of BPSOS (formerly known as Boat People SOS), the International Society for Human Rights, the Vietnamese Canadian Federation, and the U.S. Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers to combat human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

CAMSA’s mission is to rescue and protect trafficking victims, punish traffickers through economic and legal measures, and pressure the governments of the source and destination countries to enact and enforce anti-trafficking laws and policies.

logoPusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd advocacy in this area aims to defend women and girls subjected to trafficking and is built around supporting victims and actively working with governments in the Asia-Pacific region to prevent trafficking and protect victims.

logoProject Liber8
Project Liber8 [liberate] is organized by Purple Cow which aims to bring awareness to the public about human trafficking. In relation to the name of the campaign, the ‘8’ in ‘Liber8’ is significant as it highlights the 8 important facts about human trafficking, our 8 action plans, and 8 ways for the public to get involved. Their mission is to increase awareness within the local communities regarding human trafficking, and the rights of the people involved, to work towards a larger purpose of combating human trafficking within the country with the use of more comprehensive legislations for protecting victims and reprimanding culprits.