A powerful, intelligent platform for managing spend and overseeing legal matters

Increased legal demands are most likely driving the need for greater strategic collaboration between your department and your organization’s senior management. To meet this need while continuing to deliver the high performance your organization expects, you need to streamline the way you operate. With the CounselLink Service:

  • Assign and manage matters while collaborating with outside counsel.
  • Get 100% visibility into your legal costs, matter status, and outside counsel performance.
  • Get actionable analytics at your fingertips.
  • Avoid serious legal risks such as sanctions, and unfavorable judgments bypreserving evidence appropriately.

As a result, you can find opportunities to perform more efficiently, deliver better outcomes, and amplify your strategic value to the organization.

CounselLink can help you:
  • Save time and stay on task—Access powerful matter management, e-billing,and legal hold tools, along with invaluable reports and analytics,directly within Microsoft® Outlook®, which most attorneys use every day.
  • Reduce risk and increase compliance with enhanced collaboration and greater insights—Real-time status updates from your colleagues help ensure that you remain fully apprised of legal and regulatory matters on the horizon and removal of the information and organizational silos enhances your ability to identify and manage your risks.
  • Save resources by automating significantly and speeding up the review and processing of invoices—Attorneys can review pre-vetted invoices on an exception basis and have a complete view into billing patterns.
  • Improve accuracy, speed, and efficiency in creating and issuing written holds to all involved parties in anticipation of pending litigation.
  • Make faster, more informed decisions with insights that let you anticipate class action suits, regulatory shifts, or even routine litigation.
  • Obtain valuable analysis with upfront business consulting, periodic reviews, and health checks from your dedicated LexisNexis® support team.
With CounselLink, you can:
  • Track all matter information within a single,robust solution—all within Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Assign and manage matters while collaborating with outside counsel.
  • Process all invoices to capture 100% of your legal spend and report on invoice charge-level data.
  • Have your invoice charge details reviewed and automatically categorized, compared, and adjusted against billing guidelines.
  • Execute legal-hold notifications quickly and with confidence and track custodian acknowledgements to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • Track legal spend and resource allocation during the life of any matter.

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