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What is LexisNexis® LexRead™?

LexisNexis® LexRead™ is the future of reading in the digital age.

Accessing and reading professional content has never been easier and more convenient on this cross-platform eBook reader.

With modern reader and library management features, LexisNexis® LexRead™ allows you to browse, download, or purchase a book at anytime and anywhere.

Not only can you personalise your reading experience by creating notes, adding highlights, and bookmarking pages, you can also share them by downloading, copying, or printing content directly from the Reader.


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5 Reasons Why We Love LexisNexis® LexRead™

Library On-The-Go

Be assured that you are referring to authoritative and up-to-date content when crafting your advice with a library at your fingertips.

Personalised Reading Experience

Save annotations, notes, bookmarks, and highlights to your own user account and bring them with you.

Zoom in or out to size the pages to your preference, categorise your eBooks by practice area, or alphabetically to your liking.

Free Up Space

LexisNexis® LexRead™ gives libraries the opportunity to expand collections at a lower cost without additional shelf space requirements and without the usual asset management worries that come with managing a physical library.

$ave More

No more wear and tear on physical books means books last longer without needing replacement.

Match-Made in Heaven

LexisNexis® LexRead™ works with major platforms and does not require a specific device to read books.

Each account sync across three mobile apps platforms: Desktop (PC/Mac), iOS, and Android.

More Than Just a Reading App!

Introducing the enhanced features and functionality of LexisNexis® LexRead™

Search functionality to enable
full-text searching capabilities

Quickly download, save, and read
full eBook texts online and offline
across Desktop (PC/Mac),
iOS, or Android devices

Easy navigation with
an interactive table of contents

User-friendly interface
and experience

Receive your eBooks fast.
No more waiting
for the delivery of physical books

Host your library of eBooks
on a device and save
on the physical space

Established Professional Content

LexisNexis® LexRead™ currently offers a selection of 150 established and up-to-date eBook titles
across Singapore and Malaysia, with many more to come.

Now Available on LexisNexis® LexRead™:

  • A Guide to Termination of Employment in Singapore
  • A Practical Guide to Singapore Data Protection Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Banking Law
  • Cases That Touched Our Lives (Singapore Edition)
  • Companies Act
  • Company Law
  • Construction Procurement, Contracts Administration and Law
  • Costs in International Arbitration
  • Criminal Law in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Criminal Law in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Elements of Family Law in Singapore
  • Employment Law in Singapore
  • Evidence and the Litigation Process
  • Family Law in the Philippines
  • Financial Crimes in Singapore
  • General Insurance Law
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Guarantees and Performance Bonds
  • Human Resource Practitioner's Guide to Employment Laws
  • Human Resource Practitioners' Guide to Industrial Relations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Land Law
  • LexisNexis Annotated Statutes of Singapore: Property Tax Act
  • LexisNexis Annotated Statutes of Singapore: Goods and Services Tax Act
  • LexisNexis Annotated Statutes of Singapore: Income Tax Act and Economic Expansion Incentives Act
  • Law and Practice of Corporate Insolvency
  • Singapore International Arbitration
  • Law of Banker and Customer
  • Law of Life, Motor and Workmen's Compensation Insurance
  • Law of Negotiable Instruments
  • Law of Partnerships in Singapore Including LLP and LP
  • Law of Patents in Singapore
  • Law of Pledges, Guarantees and Letters of Credit
  • Law of Trade Marks in Singapore
  • Merger Control in Singapore
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Singapore
  • Minority Shareholders' Right and Remedies
  • Personal Injury
  • Commentary And Cases On Personal Property Law
  • Practitioners' Library: Evidence in Criminal Trials
  • Practitioners' Library: Family and Juvenile Court Practice
  • Practitioners' Library: Sentencing Practice in the Subordinate Courts
  • Principles and Practice of Securities Regulation in Singapore
  • Principles of Insurance Law
  • Probate and Administration in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Property Tax in Singapore
  • Reading Law in Singapore
  • Contract Administration Guide - to the REDAS Design and Build Conditions of Contract
  • Sale of Ships Under the Singapore Form
  • Security of Payment and Construction Adjudication
  • SIAC Rules
  • Singapore Court Practice 2014
  • The Singapore Developers Design and Build Contract
  • Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Take-overs and Mergers
  • Tan Sook Yee's Principles of Singapore Land Law
  • The Law and Practice of Singapore Income Tax
  • The Legal System of Singapore
  • The Logic and Practice of Transfer Pricing
  • The Singapore Public Sector Construction Contract
  • Trusts, Trustees and Equitable Remedies
  • Budget after Budget
  • The Practice of Law
  • Law and Practice of Corporate Finance
  • A Practical Guide of Specific Performance
  • Adjudication of Construction Payment Disputes in Malaysia
  • Banking Law
  • Business Law in Malaysia
  • Company Secretarial Practice in Malaysia
  • Compendium of Malaysian Intellectual Property Cases
  • Concise Principles of Company Law in Malaysia
  • Contract Law in Malaysia
  • Contracts Act
  • Conveyancing Practice and Procedure in West Malaysia
  • Dismissal from Employment and the Remedies
  • Employment Law in Malaysia
  • English-Malay Contemporary Glossary
  • Evidence in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Evidence
  • GST 360 – A Comprehensive Compendium
  • Guide to Due Diligence
  • Guide to Table A
  • Harbans' Engineering and Construction Contracts Management
  • Harbans' Engineering and Construction Contracts Management
  • Hire Purchase (Bilingual)
  • Islamic Business
  • Land Law in Malaysia Cases and Commentary
  • LexisNexis Annotated Statute Series: Bankruptcy
  • Law of Evidence in Malaysia
  • Law of Life Insurance in Malaysia
  • The Law of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment in Malaysia
  • Legal Aspects of Money Laundering in Malaysia from the Common Law Perspective
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series Part 1
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series Part 2
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series Part 3
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series Part 4
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Accounts
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Actions
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Affidavits
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Compromise and Settlement
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Contempt of Court
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Costs
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Declaratory Judgments
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Default Judgments
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Discontinuance and Dismissal
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Discovery and Inspection
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Injunctions
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Interim Orders
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Interlocutory Proceedings
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Interpleader
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Interrogatories
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Issues
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Order 14
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Originating Summons
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Parties to Actions
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Payment into Court
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Pleadings
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Service of Process
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Specific Perfomance
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Stay of Proceedings
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Subordinate Courts
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Third Party Procedure
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Transfer and Consolidation
  • LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Writ of Summons
  • Malaysian Revenue Law Case Digest
  • Mallal's Criminal Procedure
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Malaysia
  • MP Jain's Administrative Law of Malaysia and Singapore
  • Native Court and Customary Law of Sabah
  • Offences Against Persons and Property
  • Personal Injury: Quantum, Cases and Materials Volume 1 - 3
  • Personal Injury: Quantum, Cases and Materials Volume 3 (Supplement)
  • Principles of Double Taxation (Relief) Agreements
  • Principles of Law of Contract in Malaysia
  • Principles of Malaysian Land Law
  • Procedure for Unfair Dismissal Claims in Malaysia
  • Resolving Child Custody Disputes
  • Revenue Law in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Sabah Land Ordinance (Cap 68)
  • Sarawak Land Code Chapter 81 (1958 Edition)
  • Sarawak Law Series Land Code (with Annotations)
  • The Law on Shareholders' Meetings – AGM and EGM
  • The PAM 2006 Standard Form of Building Contract
  • The Process of Criminal Justice, Part II
  • Understanding GST
  • Understanding Personal Data Protection Law
  • Law of Contract
  • Whistleblower Protection Law
*For the complete and most updated list of eBook titles, please refer to www.lexread.lexisnexis.com