Designed for the cost-conscious, time-pressed lawyers, Lexis®PSL allows you to get on with practicing the law.

An authoritative online tool developed by experts to aid legal practitioners and professionals in their myriad of challenges faced in contemporary legal practice. In a single platform, you can:

  • Access answers you need in clear, concise practice notes written by experts who've been there before - with direct links to the relevant regulatory rules and commentaries
  • Spend less time researching, cross-checking references and doing repetitive drafting
  • Get regular news updates, to help you keep an eye on what’s happening in the law and the market.

Built on the heritage of Butterworths, Tolley and the collective knowledge of hundreds of our lawyers and authors, Lexis®PSL helps you free up fee-earning time to get on with practicing the law. This single research solution offers:

  • Corporate Module
  • Commercial Module

Smarter and Intuitive Search Features
Intelligent search that takes you straight to the right answers in short, practice notes and client-ready materials.

  • Browse – comprehensive topic coverage for each area of law
  • Search - across types of content with word wheel function: Cases, Legislation, Forms, Precedents, Practice notes, News analysis
  • Overview - to provide you with an overview of the exact information and guidance by topic area
  • Practice notes - practical guidance and best practice drafted by our lawyers
  • Legislation - essential consolidated primary and secondary legislation
  • Cases - cases from our extensive collection of Law Reports
  • Precedents - precedents with drafting notes written by our team of expert lawyers, plus selected key precedents from authoritative Butterworths titles

Flowcharts and Checklists by Topics
Save time with Lexis® PSL.  You can obtain quick answers and top tips by using easy-to-follow flowcharts and checklists, which simplifies complex matters.

Lexis® Smart - The smart way to complete forms and precedents
Spend up to 80% less time drafting documents. Lexis® Smart under Lexis® PSL helps you save time and deliver better client service by providing you with the tools to create quality contract drafts more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Developed in partnership with Adobe and Business Integrity, the leader in document assembly and contract management with large law firms, Lexis® Smart guides you through precedents, building up documents according to your answers to pertinent questions.

  • Comprehensive range with over 300 precedents across a range of Practice Areas
  • Always up-to-date. We have  over 100 professional support lawyers and experts updating our bank of precedents continually
  • Direct links to expert guidance and commentary on Lexis® PSL

Daily alerts
Stay in touch with the latest legal developments by setting up daily alerts with Lexis® PSL.

Speed up and simplify your work
Developed by expert lawyers from firms like yours, Lexis®PSL gives you the guidance, forms, precedents for the matters you are dealing with enabling you to increast profit potential byb taking on more revenue – generating work across a greater variety of matters.

Gives quick answers and top tips, and easy-to-follow flowcharts to simplify complex matters

Our precedents and comprehensive drafting notes cite and link directly to the underlying authority and the most trusted sources for expert insight and commentary including Halsbury’s, Butterworths, Tolley, Harvey, The Green Book , All England Law Reports and more

Forms can be edited and completed online.

Save valuable time by using our automated tools

Control costs by reducing spend on multiple overlapping sources of legal information

Receive daily alerts to stay in touch with the latest legal developments

Meet your deadlines by completing work more quickly and delivering within agreed timescales

Reduce risk by ensuring you are more confident in the accuracy of your advice.

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