LexisNexis® Analytics

LexisNexis Analytics is a web tool to monitor and analyse consumer information and trends, and then share your results.

LexisNexis Analytics is a customised tool that enables you to monitor consumer confidence, assess brand perception and keep track of what the press and internet are saying about your company and brand. Share research results with colleagues to make informed decisions.

  • Monitor consumer sentiments and influences
  • Incorporate analysis into a newsletter or intranet reports
  • Analyse sources in many different languages
  • Review graphs and diagrams illustrating trends and sentiments

Monitor and Analyse Consumer Information

Get the information you need about consumer confidence, sentiments, and influences. LexisNexis Analytics produces quick results to give you insight into customers, competitors, and global market issues.

Monitor the Media and Compile Information

Assess brand and product perception and evaluate the effectiveness of a press release or PR campaign. Find out what is being written about your company and competitors. With LexisNexis Analytics, you can follow media coverage and quickly pull information together for customised analysis.

Analyse the Tone of Media Coverage

Specify the parameters for LexisNexis to design your company’s own program, in many different languages. LexisNexis Analytics is customised and produced for each company.

Rely on Accurate and Extensive Sources

Know that your results are based on a wide range of reliable sources. LexisNexis Analytics program draws its information from the extensive LexisNexis database and other premium web content. Get the complete picture with diagrams illustrating trends and sentiments.

Share Valuable Insight with Colleagues

Know that your team has access to the same information, at the same time. LexisNexis Analytics offers an easy way to share research with colleagues.  Let the program create a newsletter or other communication to distribute the results of your research and analysis.

Track consumer confidence, sentiments, and influences

As an information professional, your organisation depends on you to find and distribution critical information. You can depend on LexisNexis Analytics to help you identify, monitor, and act on consumer trends – without using excessive time or resources.

Perform efficient research

Enjoy the convenience of having your consumer-related information in one place. LexisNexis Analytics lets you automatically track blogs, web sites, internal content, and press coverage through a single interface. Eliminate time spent checking multiple sources and trying to piece together information.

Develop confident conclusions

Be confident that you are not missing key information or leaving out importation sources of information or content.  Use LexisNexis Analytics to categorise and sort information.  Rely on your research to pinpoint the source and track the spread of information that will affect your business.

What can LexisNexis Analytics do for you?

LexisNexis Analytics is such an innovative and all-encompassing product that you really need to see a demonstration by one of our account managers to appreciate its full potential. Learn how to make the most of the many features.

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Online Training

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