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About LexisNexis® Singapore

The LexisNexis Group provides information to legal, corporate, government and academic markets, and publishes legal, tax, regulatory and other information, via online, print and CD-ROM formats.

The global legal and information division of Reed Elsevier plc, LexisNexis Group combines dozens of brands that are leaders within their respective markets, including Butterworths, one of the largest legal publishers with over 180 years of history providing unsurpassed content and service. Renowned publications include Halsbury’s Laws, The Malayan Law Journal, Mallal’s Digest, Laws of Malaysia, Singapore Cases, and CaseBase.

The LexisNexis online service provides access via the web, to over 3 billion documents from thousands of worldwide newspapers, magazines, trade journals, industry newsletters, financial data, public records, legislative records, data on companies and their executives.

In Asia, LexisNexis is headquartered in Singapore and represented in Australia, China,  Hong Kong, Japan, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Taiwan





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