Lexis Affinity


Lexis Affinity software is designed to meet the needs of today’s legal practice across all law office functions. The comprehensive nature of Lexis Affinity solution is derived from decades of experience working with clients in Australia and Asia Pacific countries.

Reliability and functionality of software is important. Of equal importance is the ability to implement and support each solution. Lexis Affinity's iIntegrated Service Strategy ensures that clients’ business requirements are understood and that a solution is implemented to meet these requirements.
Lexis Affinity uses today’s rapid application development tools and robust databases to provide the basis for Lexis’ single application, single database solution called Lexis Affinity. Large and small practices can obtain a complete business system without high costs of implementation and onging technical support costs by adopting Lexis Affinity’s integrated framework.

Lexis Affinity provides comprehensive, lean infrastructure. It delivers more functionality at a lower cost.

Lexis Affinity provides options that can be configured to provide a turnkey solution with automated system maintenance for all key law office functions including:
  • Marketing
  • Master accounting
  • Financial management reporting
  • KPI dashboards with drill down
  • Document and preceent scripting tools
  • International foreign currency
  • Precedents and document automation
  • Records management and document control
  • Internet display of information
  • Interfaces to third party software
  • Relational database management
  • Automated backup and system checking
  • Integrated diary and time management
  • Matter management
  • Task automation (workflow)
  • Secure, open database access
  • Flexible dataforms and filters
Lexis has introduced a completely new workflow system within the Lexis Affinity framework. The workflow tools integrate electronic mail, document production, diary and accounting functions to allow clients to map their caseflows and administrative processes into standard diary and workflow templates.

The workflow templates can describe complex tasks containing decision points, recurring tasks, management reports, email notifications, diary entries and documents. Each step in the workflow templates can be set up to prompt staff to enter fees or cause a fee entry to be generated automatially as each task is completed. This ensures all costs and revenus are captured and accounted for. The workflow templates can also be used to automate document production, data capture, billing, management reporting, and to guide staff through the key steps in a range of legal service areas.