Reading Law In Singapore (Old Edition)

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Reading Law In Singapore (Old Edition)

Author(S): Professor Michael Hor; Associate Professor Tang Hang Wu


Publisher: LexisNexis

Format: Soft Cover, Book

ISBN: 9789812367792


    This Reading Law in Singapore book seeks to convey to potential law students a basic idea of what the discipline as well as the study of law is about.
    The core subjects which are compulsory in both law schools at the National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University are identified and experts from either institution have been invited to present a ?taster? chapter on what it means to study that subject. Each chapter is written for the law school aspirant who may have little or no knowledge of the law. It is hoped that this book will be able to sketch an idea of what it is like to study law in Singapore. The core subjects that are covered in this book are Contract Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law, Legal Theory or Jurisprudence, Advocacy and Moots, Land Law, Comparative Legal Traditions, Public Law, Company Law, Equity and Trusts, and Evidence.

    • Chapter 1: Criminal Law

    • Chapter 2: Contract Law

    • Chapter 3: Law of Torts

    • Chapter 4: Legal Theory

    • Chapter 5: Advocacy and Moots

    • Chapter 6: Land Law

    • Chapter 7: Comparative Legal Traditions

    • Chapter 8: Constitutional Law

    • Chapter 9: Company Law

    • Chapter 10: Equity & Trusts

    • Chapter 11: Evidence Law