LexisNexis Annotated Statutes of Singapore - Trade Marks Act

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LexisNexis Annotated Statutes of Singapore - Trade Marks Act

Author(s): Mr. M. Ravindran


Publisher: LexisNexis

Format: Soft Cover, Book

ISBN: 9789812368102


    The second volume of this LexisNexis Annotated Statutes of Singapore series focuses on the Trade Marks Act which brings to fore the local practice, policy and case law in relation to Trade Marks in Singapore. This book covers all the legislation relating to the Trade Marks Act, its forms made under the relevant subsidiary legislation as well as directions from the IPOS Trade Marks Work Manual. It also provides detailed and extensive coverage on local and international case law.

    This book covers the 4 major amendments to the Trade Marks Act. They are the Customs (Amendment) Act 2003, the Trade Marks (Amendment) Act 2004, the Statutes (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No 2) Act 2005 and the Trade Marks (Amendment) Act 2007. Since its first edition, there have also been a total of 11 Court of Appeal cases, 38 High Court cases, 15 Subordinate Court cases and 122 IPOS decisions.

    Some of these cases have been published in international legal journals. This acknowledgement of local case law is something which the trade mark community in Singapore can be justly proud of. These cases are explored in this book.

    This publication is a definitive resource on the Trade Marks Act and a must-have for practitioners in the field.

    • Part I: Preliminary

    • Part II: Registration of Trade Marks

    • Part III: Rights and Remedies of Proprietor of Registered Trade Mark

    • Part IV: Registered Trade Mark as Object of Property

    • Part V: Licensing

    • Part VI: Offences

    • Part VII: International Matters

    • Part VIII: Collective Marks and Certification Marks

    • Part IX: Administrative and Other Supplementary Provisions

    • Part X: Assistance by Border Authority

    • Part XI: Miscellaneous and General Provisions

    • Appendices