Civil Practice in Singapore and Malaysia

An indispensable reference for every civil litigator

The success of Professor Jeffrey Pinsler’s ground-breaking 1994 book Civil Procedure has led to the publication of this looseleaf work, which provides the legal profession with a much needed current and update-able source of procedural law.

Civil practice and the rules of procedure for both Singapore and Malaysia are considered at length in the course of almost 2,000 pages. All of the recent reforms which have occurred in both countries, including the Rules of Court and the changes to the court system and the rules in Malaysia up to the present, are covered.

Comprehensive Guide to Civil Procedure

Provides total reliability with succinct and in-depth annotations of the rules.

Easy Access to the Law

Detailed cross-referencing – including both internal cross-referencing to other parts of the work and external cross-referencing to authoritative practitioner reference works.

Current Content Source

Always up-to-date – the looseleaf format enables continual updating to take account of any current changes in the law or practice.

Seamless Navigation and Use

User-friendly format – information presented in a single source to ensure ease of usage, complete with a comprehensive index and tables of cases and statutes.

Available online and in print

An extensive guide to the new rules, with references and comparisons to former rules where appropriate, Civil Procedure in Singapore and Malaysia is a much needed current and update-able source of procedural law.

Covered Practice Areas

The following are examples of practice areas covered by Civil Practice in Singapore and Malaysia:

  • Entry of Appearance

  • Electronic Filing and Service

  • Interpleader Proceedings

  • Modes of Action

  • Service of Process

  • Summary Judgment

  • Summary Proceedings for the Possession of Land

  • Specific Pleadings

  • Dismissal for Want of Prosecution

  • Interlocutory Injunctions

  • Other Forms of Interim Relief

  • Particular Injunctions

  • Particular Proceedings

  • Striking Out the Writ and Pleadings

  • Third Party Proceedings

  • Discovery in Malaysia and in Singapore

  • Experts of Parties

  • Interrogatories

  • Quantification of Costs (Singapore)

  • Quantification of Costs (Malaysia)

  • Security for Costs

  • Summons for Directions

  • Enforcement of Judgments and Orders

  • Judicial Review

  • Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments

  • Withdrawal and Discontinuance

Run civil proceedings smoothly and cost efficiently

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