Support the critical work you do with LexisNexis® resources, offering a wealth of legal solutions well-suited to legal professionals at the highest levels of government.

Uphold the rule of law in your community with help from a robust portfolio of legal solutions, tailored to your needs with cutting-edge analytical and customisation tools.

Get the best of the law and business

Whether you are preparing legal documents or ensuring compliant business decisions, rely on LexisNexis Solutions to help you provide the best for both worlds. Powered by cutting-edge technology, supported by contents written by experts, our products are designed in clarity and with practicality to help you get more done in much lesser time.

Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance®

Make informed decisions with the innovative legal research platform, Lexis Advance®. From understanding the legal landscape to diving deeper into detailed commentaries and precedents, we can provide you with the information you need across multiple jurisdictions.

Lexis Practical Guidance

Lexis Advance® Practical Guidance

Whether you are assisting HR with employment, drafting commercial agreements or providing guidance on business ventures, rely on Lexis Advance® Practical Guidance to give you authority and confidence in your work.

Read changes in the law

Stay updated and read professional content on developments and changes across different areas of the law. Benefit from the convenience of digital library with accessible authoritative contents in the grasp of your hand.



Experience the integrity of printed content with the practicality and space-saving benefits of digital application through LexRead™. Access and read professional contents electronically anytime, anywhere and from multiple devices.

Work in authority

Explore different areas of the law, dive deeper into your expertise or even explore esoteric areas explained by experts in the industry. Up-to-date, reliable and authored by leading practitioners, our comprehensive contents provide you with the winning edge.

lady justice

LexisNexis® Titles

Back up your work with authority through our collection of contents equipped for different areas of the law and for different purposes. LexisNexis provides a range of contents crafted to support your legal research, document drafting, litigation preparation, professional consultations and more. Deliver quality work through:

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