What is Lexis® Clause Intelligence?

Lexis® Clause Intelligence is a legal drafting analysis tool designed to help you deliver a comprehensive contract with AI-enhanced analysis from an extensive bank of clauses, authored by experts.

Powered by a state-of-the-art semantic matching capability, the AI behind this tool is deployed to analyse your legal document and pinpoint areas where recommendation of clauses and sub-clauses is available. Easily grasp the context of clauses with accompanying drafting notes and delve deeper into related precedents, providing you with the data-driven confidence in creating a solid document, faster than ever before!

What's In It For You? 

AI Analysis
Save time reviewing legal document, simply upload and have Lexis Clause Intelligence analyse your legal document, for you.
Recommended Clauses
Draft solid legal document with precise and concise clauses in different contractual positions, helping you substantiate your document with confidence.
Recommended Sub-Clauses
Zoom in straight to context specific outcomes relevant to your legal document with Sub-Clause level recommendations.
Drafting Notes
Dive deeper into the context of clauses with Drafting Notes written by legal experts, providing you in-depth understanding of a matter with contextual insights and legal considerations.
Clause Library
Access a dynamic bank of clause with 13,000 clauses and growing, providing you with the confidence you need in drafting solid legal documents.
Intuitive Clause Search
Search from an extensive clause library, compare results from different contractual positions and further substantiate your legal document with clauses tailored to a tee.
Flexible Download Options
Easily adapt clauses into your legal document with the Download feature, providing you with options to either download all recommended clauses or selected clauses into your revised legal document.

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